Parsan Polymertiam Kia Manufacturing Company, with more than 40 years of experience, which has been legally registered since 2012. Parsan Polymertiam Kia, relying on technical knowledge and knowledge of domestic and international trade, has been able to market a wide range of its products in the industry of production of reinforced materials and masterbatches, as well as plastic products and products, nylon, Nylex. Parsan Polymertiam Kia Manufacturing Company, with the help of Altaf Elahi and the cooperation of young managers in the growth and prosperity of our dear homeland, Iran, has succeeded in establishing international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 10004. The company has always set quality as its policy by using high quality raw materials, precise quantitative and quality controls in the production system, and by exporting its manufactured goods to many countries, has an active presence in global markets and is proud to obtain certifications between International has become managerial and qualitative.

Parsan Polymertiam Kia production complex, relying on more than 150 experienced and specialized manpower, in factories located in Shams Abad and Shahriar industrial towns of Tehran, using the latest technologies in the world and advanced laboratories, offers its products with the highest quality in the market.

Using the best equipment and using 30 production lines of nylon and Nylex, 30 supplementary lines, 20 plastic injection lines up to a capacity of 800 tons and production lines of polymer compounds in total with more than 100 production lines, this collection produces its products with the best quality. Offers to domestic and international markets.

Relying on its technical staff and expert forces, this company has been able to offer Roland products in special and various packages, relying on environmental protection and applying the latest standards, knowledge and technology of the world. Roland brand health products with a high degree of degradability return to nature in a maximum of 3 years and prevent environmental degradation by producing ordinary plastic bags. With an emphasis on protecting the rights of consumers, all products under the Roland brand are produced with completely new sanitary materials. Roland products include a wide range of freezer bags, cellophanes, Nylexes, disposable tablecloths, garbage bags and more.

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